Breast Cancer Awareness


I would love to see a Tube made (aspecially by Alex Prihodko and / or DiMary) for Breast Cancer Awareness (month).
I know, it's a bit... oké... very late... to chip in this idea.
But I thought about it, because it is BCA month.

I do not have a picture in mind, how I would like to see it...
Accept for: Pink colors and maybe a tattoo, necklace or somthing like a bracelet with the BCA ribbon.

I hope this is an idea an Artist or more then one Artist likes.
Because there is not one Tube for BCA at PFD yet.

Greetz, Hetty Kok (from the Netherlands)

PS: Sorry for any mistakes in my writing...
I'ts been a long time ago that I had English at school, lol!