Halloween & Autumn


I know Halloween is still a bit far away, but one cann't start early enough :-))
As it would be, with magical witches or also a tube where a sweet girl disguised itself as scarecrow.
Halloween and the autumn, with the beautiful colors, should let the ideas only so bubble.
What do you mean?
Love and Hugs Brigitte

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HOT SCARECROW!!!!! I would

Submitted by Cookie (not verified) on Mon, 08/27/2012 - 00:19.

HOT SCARECROW!!!!! I would help support that :-) Especially if it was a man :-)
I absolutely love scarecrows and snowmen .. always collecting new figurines of them.
No not too early Brigitte as the project goes for 30 days if money is not chipped in right away. Think quite a few would like to see something Fall season :-)
Hugs ...

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