Sweet, Cute or Sexy...I don't care.


I have a very hard time even finding tubes on the site. I would buy more if there were more that were either very decent to begin with (not talkin PG-13...more PG or even just G) or had optional covers that made them that way!
I have seen several projects that I would LOVE to invest in but I can't because there is nothing decent about them besides the face.
I have suggested to several digital art companies that the artists would sell A LOT more tubes if they offered either of the options mentioned above.
So...offer a tube with decent clothing coverage (no cleavage hanging out, no humongous and unrealistic boobs. not in lingerie or a short short skirt.) and I WILL get behind that!!!


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No idea where you are

Submitted by mizzundaztood on Thu, 06/08/2017 - 08:49.

No idea where you are looking, but I have found plenty of decent tubes here and other places. You, apparently, haven't looked hard enough.

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