Hello, friends!
The new project is a witch's journey.
Suitcases and hat on a separate layer.
I hope you will like it!

COMPLETED 18 September 2022 #1574 katharine 100$ 3

Hallo friends!

COMPLETED 15 April 2022 #1533 katharine 100$ 1

My new project is "The Girl with Charms". Layers of a girl and a witch. Different colors.

COMPLETED 12 September 2020 #1393 katharine 100$ 3

Hi friends! My new project is "Mistress of pearls."
Crown on a separate layer. Layers with tail and legs.

COMPLETED 17 June 2020 #1373 katharine 100$ 4

Hello everyone! My new project! Girl on a separate layer. Multilayers. The tiger is white and yellow.

COMPLETED 7 May 2020 #1364 katharine 100$ 2

My new project is the beautiful characters of the Witcher world. Jennefer will have several options for clothing, a mask, and magic elements.

COMPLETED 30 March 2020 #1349 katharine 100$ 8

Dragon on a separate layer. Several colors of a dragon and a girl. Different colors of hair, eyes, clothes.

COMPLETED 11 March 2020 #1343 katharine 100$ 4

New project "Friends". Girl and scrub on separate layers. different color of horse and clothes. The girl will have wings

COMPLETED 10 February 2020 #1336 katharine 100$ 0

Hello! I propose a new project "Love Potion".
Potion, wings and dove on a separate layer. There will be many colors. Possible options are "St. Patrick's Day" and "Winter Fairy"

COMPLETED 31 December 2019 #1325 katharine 100$ 1

I offer you my new project “Girl from the North”
Large project. There will be a layer with a naked girl without clothes. Several color options. Girl and carpet on separate layers. There will also be layers with winter animals and a separate layer with the crown of the Winter Queen.
Waiting for your suggestions.

COMPLETED 22 October 2019 #1307 katharine 100$ 1