Hi, friends!
Gothic vampire girl.
Option with make-up.
Vampire teeth on a separate layer.
Color options from dark gothic to pastel gothic.

CANCELED 9 September 2021 #1481 LadyMishka 100$ 5

Halloween queen.
All elements except the skull are on different layers.
Color options.
Light and dark palettes.

COMPLETED 12 August 2021 #1473 LadyMishka 100$ 5

Cat Witch brews a potion in a cauldron.
The cauldron is on a separate layer.
PSD with layers and color options.

COMPLETED 17 July 2021 #1469 LadyMishka 60$ 2

Kitty girl with a cocktail.
4 options for your summer creativity.
Color options.

COMPLETED 19 June 2021 #1464 LadyMishka 60$ 3

Another cute kitten for you.
Fairy wings and a flower on a head on separate layers.
There will also be an angel's wings.

COMPLETED 27 May 2021 #1459 LadyMishka 50$ 5

A beautiful fairy of flowers with Lotus in her hands.
Wings and tails on a separate layer.
Multi-colored hair, including rainbow strands.
Skin color options.
Color options.

COMPLETED 9 May 2021 #1456 LadyMishka 50$ 2

Kitten with a harp. Two options: angel and fairy.
Color options.

COMPLETED 20 April 2021 #1452 LadyMishka 50$ 0

A small kitten with a sunny spring mood and cute fairy wings.
Wings on a separate layer.

COMPLETED 9 April 2021 #1449 LadyMishka 30$ 2

Gothic Dark Angel.
But since all the elements are on different layers + color options, you can make a light angel, just a gothic girl, or just a spring or summer girl.

COMPLETED 9 January 2021 #1427 LadyMishka 120$ 6

Hello friends!
Christmas is almost on the doorstep. And you can think about the sweet and wonderful holiday of Valentine's Day.
For you I am doing right now this set.
You can leave your ideas for a set in the comments.
And I will try to fulfill some of them.
This is CU/PU set

CANCELED 5 December 2020 #1415 LadyMishka 100$ 9