Please welcome, Johnny The Merry Pirate!
I think he has tricky grin on his face, the hat is removed, and of course a lot of shiny coins and various accessories that he loves so much).


COMPLETED 1 November 2011 #155 Zlata_M 170$ 25

Three stylish cats

Hello everyone! My name is Alexandra and I am from Saint Petersburg. I love drawing animals from a new angle, just the way I see them – in a creative and cute way. I would like to offer a picture of a stylish emoticat. We can start with just one this time, but I have more ideas for other cats too! These cats can help you express your emotions, because they are emoticats. You can suggest your variants, how you want them to be. I am thinking, the cat within this project is in emo style, and in future I could make other ones goth style, and maybe even a pirate cat. What do you think?

COMPLETED 10 August 2011 #60 Sandlady 50$ 7
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