Sweet little Lady Marmalade with a fuzzy heart.

COMPLETED 6 March 2012 #249 admin 200$ 7

COMPLETED 13 February 2012 #233 LadyMishka 150$ 8


Here comes my new sketch. What do you think about pink?

COMPLETED 8 February 2012 #227 LadyMishka 150$ 11

This picture is me wishing for any of your dearest wishes to come true. That very wish or dream living deep in your heart… Let the energy of love set it free. This picture will be A4 size. Not only will you be able to create tags with it, you can print it out and frame it. Seeing this innocent-hearted beautiful girl with holding a magnolia flower, you will experience hope and faith rising in your soul. This is when your dearest wish will come true.

COMPLETED 13 December 2011 #190 LadyMishka 200$ 10

Hi friends! The Xmas season is on and I thought Santa deserves a lovely young assistant. This girl's name is Holly. She will be available at three color variations: blonde, redhead and brunette with dark skin.
I am sure it will become a great gift for your friends! I will make it glow on a separate layer, and you can do animation too!

COMPLETED 8 November 2011 #168 LadyMishka 150$ 7

lucy LadyMishka

Greetings dear friends! This time I was inspired by the 19th century France, and I am working on a series of pictures in this style.
Gorgeous powdered wigs, beauty spots, masks, stockings, erotica and an essential symbol – the cat.
I do hope you like this work of mine and it will inspire you to create wonderful vintage tags.
The Cat will hopefully symbolize the rest of the year 2011, and in the very end all those who love vintage stuff like that will be able to enjoy a contest and special prize from me!
Your LadyMishka

COMPLETED 21 October 2011 #152 LadyMishka 120$ 38


A fascinating Moon Angel named Amega descended from the skies to give the people Hope. Her crystal clear soul will find its reflection in the eyes.
I am thinking I should use light shades of pink, blue and pale yellow. It will be very vanilla artwork.
I would like Amega to be a lucky charm for anyone who believes in a Miracle and has not lost Hope.
P.S. There will also be a layer where she will not be wearing the bra
With lots of love,
Your LadyMishka

COMPLETED 4 October 2011 #135 LadyMishka 120$ 7

LadyMishka Prepaid Project

For everyone who loves cute girls and teddy bears! Light pink colors,the girl's blonde. Full-body and down to hips variants. 

COMPLETED 15 September 2011 #111 LadyMishka 120$ 12


Little Goth girl Muriel with a vibrant pink guitar, for all the fans of music, emo and Goth theme. I am thinking there will be color variations and a few layers.

COMPLETED 8 September 2011 #105 LadyMishka 120$ 17
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