vintage style

lucy LadyMishka

Greetings dear friends! This time I was inspired by the 19th century France, and I am working on a series of pictures in this style.
Gorgeous powdered wigs, beauty spots, masks, stockings, erotica and an essential symbol – the cat.
I do hope you like this work of mine and it will inspire you to create wonderful vintage tags.
The Cat will hopefully symbolize the rest of the year 2011, and in the very end all those who love vintage stuff like that will be able to enjoy a contest and special prize from me!
Your LadyMishka

COMPLETED 21 October 2011 #152 LadyMishka 120$ 38

Dead girl

Welcome the day of the dead girl. She will be colored black, red and blue. There will be two layers with two hairdos and a separate layer without the "death" makeup, which will make her look like a vintage girl.
Hope you will like her please suggest your ideas!

COMPLETED 21 October 2011 #151 DiMary 170$ 13
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