Charlie Chaplin


I skimmed through the previous suggestions and did not see this one mentioned, so if it's been proposed before I apologize. I would LOOOVE to see a Charlie Chaplin tube. His "Tramp" character is one of the most recognizable and iconic figures in all of cinema and media history, and I think it would make not only for fantastic art in general, but for some amazing graphics and tags as well. There are a lot of kits it would pair will with, and kit designers would also be able to easily make kits to coordinate with it...vintage, old style elements mostly in black and white. The tube could go either the classic sad, somber, down on his luck version of the tramp Charlie often portrayed, or the happy, tipped hat, smiling and chipper tramp sometimes seen in imagery of his character. Either way would be fantastic, though I think for tagging the sad and somber tramp would make for better graphics. Thank you for reading and considering my suggestion.