Early Spring is the time of beginning . When the flowers are blooming... and with plants your soul starts bloom and sing. Really magic, isn't it?

COMPLETED 22 January 2017 #1012 Zlata_M 160$ 15

This project was created especially for dear brave Cally, who is fighting with cancer!! In this way we can show her the support and love! The all collected funds will be donated to Cally. Let's show how we are strong together!!!!

COMPLETED 14 February 2016 #887 Zlata_M 150$ 8

This is the one of the most beautiful,proud and sexy women from the antique Greek legends. Special for this tube will be creating an exclusive matching kit, so we are hope this will be very useful for you and you will enjoy your creation.
With love,Zlata

COMPLETED 24 April 2015 #770 Zlata_M 250$ 6

Welcome the Jack Sparrow girlfriend!!

COMPLETED 11 February 2015 #734 Zlata_M 250$ 0

This beauty in winter dress will be in a few variants.

COMPLETED 8 November 2014 #709 Zlata_M 250$ 12

Would you like to travel to crazy journey?With such hot man is possible to the edge of the world, isn't it?

COMPLETED 5 September 2014 #678 Zlata_M 170$ 1

Summer tube with multi colored dresses and flowers!

COMPLETED 1 June 2014 #634 Zlata_M 250$ 4

Hello friends!
I need your help with choose colors for this Elven Princess and her Dragon.
Big Hugs,Zlata ^_^

COMPLETED 13 August 2013 #509 Zlata_M 250$ 24

This beautiful and melancholy angel can be use in memory tag for your native people or in romantic tag without wings. Please,leave your wishes about colors

COMPLETED 14 June 2013 #474 Zlata_M 250$ 26

This mysterious mermaid can be made in different color combinations. Leave your messages

COMPLETED 7 June 2013 #465 Zlata_M 250$ 10