Rock girl

Rock girl

COMPLETED 4 May 2013 #444 TAMANDYA 150$ 20
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Rock girl! I thought I would

Submitted by barbarajones on Mon, 09/01/2014 - 07:26.

Rock girl! I thought I would be able to use my photo and I can make this type of photo, may be with violin or other instruments.

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To Holly1928: Well, not much

Submitted by FannyMay (not verified) on Sun, 06/02/2013 - 01:43.

To Holly1928: Well, not much of the face is showing. I too agree that every part of the tube is important and no just a certain area. Great if you want to pay to only use the face, I rather pay to use it all! just saying. :)

Yeah, there's been A LOT of

Submitted by skydala (not verified) on Thu, 05/30/2013 - 23:51.

Yeah, there's been A LOT of spam comments recently that haven't been deleted. :/

This is how the comment by

Submitted by Holly1928 (not verified) on Thu, 05/30/2013 - 20:18.

This is how the comment by Bets 10 was translated for me:

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Okay? Huh? I would assume this is spam?

Word wide web olabilmek için

Submitted by bets10 (not verified) on Thu, 05/30/2013 - 13:30.

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You did an absolutely

Submitted by Julie (not verified) on Wed, 05/29/2013 - 00:32.

You did an absolutely beautiful job!! I'm so glad I chipped in! Thank you! :-)

An artist work will always be

Submitted by Minnie (not verified) on Tue, 05/28/2013 - 22:58.

An artist work will always be criticized, whether it's positive nor not, that is the way the cookie crumbles and we are all entitled to our opinion and I certainly stated mine. Like I said, very nice tube indeed, the rock girl's body is awesome but I do not like the hair style and to me everything is important not just one part of the tube, and I mean this in a good constructive way.

Why would you say this artist

Submitted by Holly1928 (not verified) on Tue, 05/28/2013 - 19:56.

Why would you say this artist is not popular? I've grabbed anything she's made so far that's not too nekkid for me. And when it is I just use the face. I don't know what kind of hair you'd suggest but I have to say that's the least attractive part of the image in my opinion. It's okay though. I love the outfit but that's partly because I like things more covered up.

Could you add a guitar strap

Submitted by anon (not verified) on Tue, 05/28/2013 - 08:16.

Could you add a guitar strap on a separate layer, as well, so the bass can either stand alone or be slung across her body? It just looks a little awkward floating in midair like that. Great job on this project so far!

Bass will be on a separate

Submitted by TAMANDYA (not verified) on Tue, 05/28/2013 - 08:13.

Bass will be on a separate layer.

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