Hello. Are you ready for winter?
I want to introduce you a sweet girl ready for cold and snow!!!
Color suggestions are welcome.
Thank you!! I hope you like it

COMPLETED 9 December 2016 #998 Pandora-Creations 60$ 1

Hello! New Project here.
New Year is almost here. Celebrate it! Champagne, another glass and grapes.
Soon updates under suggestions. The project is in large size.
I hope you like it, thank you! :)

COMPLETED 11 November 2016 #985 Pandora-Creations 50$ 0

This is my new project :)
I hope you like it. I think make 2 dresses (long and short), 2 veils (long and short) and 4 hairs (long, short, in a bun and in a braid).
Different colors!! make your suggestion :D

CANCELED 11 March 2016 #897 Pandora-Creations 75$ 2

Rocker Girl !!!
T-shirt layers, trousers jeans, blue denim and black leather, hair color variants and streaks colors.
Please, share your ideas with me. I hope this project likes everyone!!

COMPLETED 8 April 2015 #758 Pandora-Creations 100$ 14

I hope you like it. Nowadays, Spring is coming and Winter gone.

COMPLETED 3 March 2015 #744 Pandora-Creations 60$ 12

Sweet girl ready for Easter Time!! And you, are you ready??
Please, share your color options :)

CANCELED 1 March 2015 #740 Pandora-Creations 60$ 9

If you find a star, what would be your wish?
Cute, cute and more cute :)
Starting a new "finding" cute series.
Thank you.
xoxo, Pandora-Creations

COMPLETED 7 September 2014 #681 Pandora-Creations 100$ 14

This cowgirl is coming!!
Please, share your ideas and favourite colors :)
What do you want to see?? t-shirt, shorts, high heeled boots and cowboy hat. Any changes?? Comment, please :)
Thank you

COMPLETED 14 July 2014 #655 Pandora-Creations 80$ 13


Lovely and cute Fairy. She is a bit shy. She loves her flowers. Layer options: wings and stockings separate in other layer, flowers (head and hands) optional with color variants, and dress removable.
Please, post your color options. Suggestions are welcome.
I hope you like her!!!
Thank you :)

COMPLETED 4 May 2014 #622 Pandora-Creations 80$ 47

Dark, gothic and sexy. Comments are welcome :)

COMPLETED 26 March 2014 #610 Pandora-Creations 80$ 9