Nixie the deep and the changeable as the ocean she lives. Picture will be in multi colors and a lot of details.

COMPLETED 16 April 2018 #1152 Zlata_M 230$ 4

Amelie is very tender and really love Spring with colorful flowers and happy hope.

COMPLETED 11 April 2018 #1147 Zlata_M 150$ 1

Twilight Elf will be in dark and gray palette with some details for your choice. Write your wishes below

COMPLETED 15 March 2018 #1138 Zlata_M 230$ 9

The little Fairy Butterfly will be on few color variants and if you prefer some color combination share it in comments!!! Wings, butterflies and flower separately

COMPLETED 21 February 2018 #1133 Zlata_M 150$ 3

Classic pin up girl with Ice-cream Summer mood for your creativity :) welcome your wishes about colors in the comments!

COMPLETED 26 June 2017 #1076 Zlata_M 210$ 2

modern Snow White ...leave your wish about animal near of her in the coments))

COMPLETED 10 May 2017 #1054 Zlata_M 210$ 7

Light hair,soft pink and soft blue- yes or no?

COMPLETED 7 April 2017 #1043 Zlata_M 230$ 13

Hot and psycho? Yes,this is the cartoon reading of Harley. Hope you like it!

COMPLETED 5 February 2017 #1020 Zlata_M 180$ 3

Early Spring is the time of beginning . When the flowers are blooming... and with plants your soul starts bloom and sing. Really magic, isn't it?

COMPLETED 22 January 2017 #1012 Zlata_M 160$ 15

This project was created especially for dear brave Cally, who is fighting with cancer!! In this way we can show her the support and love! The all collected funds will be donated to Cally. Let's show how we are strong together!!!!

COMPLETED 14 February 2016 #887 Zlata_M 150$ 8