My new project, I'm waiting for your suggestions

ACTIVE 19 March 2017 #1033 Nusha_Lyapina 100$ 0
Realtime info: 33$ out of 100$

Let me introduce to you my new project!
This is Exotic geisha.
There will be several color options for the kimono.
Will be several hairstyles options, hair decorations, several different elements in the hand, Traditional makeup of Geisha and oriental mood)
There will be various elements on separate layers.
I hope you like my new project!

ACTIVE 9 March 2017 #1031 Veleri 60$ 2
Realtime info: 43$ out of 60$

Hi everyone! Here is my new project. I plan to make color options for makeup, hair (with highlight layers), blouse and stockings.

ACTIVE 9 March 2017 #1030 zebrush 120$ 1
Realtime info: 40$ out of 120$

Hello everyone!
Many colors + Layers)))
Waiting for your ideas!

ACTIVE 8 March 2017 #1029 origash 50$ 1
Realtime info: 34$ out of 50$