Hello everyone!
Here's my new project "Sparkle".

Soon there will be new elements and colors. Project will be in large size.
Pony is on separate layer.

ACTIVE 13 April 2017 #1047 Alehandra_Vanhek 150$ 1
Realtime info: 106$ out of 150$

Let me introduce to you my new project!
This is a beautiful Queen.
Will be the black Queen layer with black lace dress, a white Queen layer with white dress, also I have an idea to make a layer with a luminous neon dress!
There will be various crowns on separate layers.
Maybe make a layer with long hair?
I hope you like my new project!

ACTIVE 12 April 2017 #1045 Veleri 60$ 1
Realtime info: 41$ out of 60$

Light hair,soft pink and soft blue- yes or no?

ACTIVE 7 April 2017 #1043 Zlata_M 230$ 7
Realtime info: 115.77$ out of 230$