Beautiful fairy with magical wings and a small deer.
Wings on a separate layer.
Color options.

CANCELED 12 February 2017 #1023 LadyMishka 150$ 1

CU/PU (for cu/pu kits or for your tags) kawaii chibi set
All items in the ON PSD (many layers), color options
You can create so many images: princess, fairy, lolita, kitty, saint patrick, gothic, emo and more. Mix and match colors, layers.
Fun games! I hope you like my idea.
You can leave your ideas for additional elements.
Maybe I'll add them.

COMPLETED 9 February 2017 #1022 LadyMishka 150$ 2

Hello, girls!
My new tube Cindy and her little cute Princess.
Hope you like ^_^
Your Mishka

COMPLETED 24 January 2017 #1014 LadyMishka 100$ 4

Hello, girls!
My new PFD Prepaid: Lolita
PSD, color options
Use for CU/PU, TUBES
With Love
Your Mishka

CANCELED 8 December 2016 #997 LadyMishka 50$ 11

Many bright colors!

CANCELED 4 July 2013 #489 LadyMishka 50$ 6

Bright colors, a little latex and fluffy. Brunette. But I think over the several variants, too: red and blonde.

COMPLETED 25 June 2013 #480 LadyMishka 100$ 6

Hair: light blond and pink Clothing: shades of purple

CANCELED 14 May 2013 #449 LadyMishka 125$ 10


Angela - for all those into the Beauty of the Dark. 
I dedicate it to the gorgeous representatives of the Gothic world. 
Here comes the first illustration from the series "Gothic Magic" for "Book of Shadow".
CANCELED 22 March 2013 #427 LadyMishka 235$ 8
Xmas Emo
I  hope you like my version of Emo Xmas and you will feel like sharing
your welcoming roof with my little pussy cat Luly.
I will be glad to hear your ideas for the colors.
You can paste links with palettes you'd prefer too.
I will try my best to make your wishes come true =^_^=
CANCELED 29 November 2012 #388 LadyMishka 120$ 2

Gorgeous Monica holding a gift
Color variations
Also bonuses!!!
Xmas, Birthday and St. Valentine's Day decorations!

You can use this tube for a variety of occasions. 
Choose one of the many color variations and textures, select the accessories and use it to wish Happy Birthday to your loved ones. 
Make some changes by choosing a different color palette and new elements to wish a happy birthday to your friend. 
Turn on your imagination to the fullest to make a cute Valentine's gift for your love! 
P.S. Part of the money invested will go to charity.
COMPLETED 12 October 2012 #369 LadyMishka 240$ 9