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Blave Lily

Hi everyone!
I present to you Lily, outwardly she seems naive girl but actually she is very brave.
She has red hair and green eyes, the color of her clothes green, white, red with gold details.
And how do you see her?
Hugs, DiMary

COMPLETED 3 October 2011 #85 DiMary 170$ 14


Hello my friends. This is my new sketch for You. Hope You enjoy.


COMPLETED 23 August 2011 #81 OrkusArt 100$ 11


from Zebrush

Hi everyone! Decided to draw this cute fun girl with tons of accessories and in bright warm colors. It could be purple, yellow, orange, lettuce green… What do you think? Any ideas about the hair color?


COMPLETED 23 August 2011 #80 zebrush 120$ 14

Alcide Herveaux

I am planning to give you all ladies and gents one of the sexiest males and series characters alive – Alcide Herveaux. He has been introduced only recently, but already won many hearts due to his smoldering masculinity and bravery. He's wearing jeans and I think that would be just enough. His eyes are very expressive, his lips are ready to smile, and surely he's very tan. Also, I thought it would be nice to put a chain around his neck, with a fang pendent.

COMPLETED 10 August 2011 #59 rzhevskii 150$ 17
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