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PicsForDesign prepaid projects service is a closed platform for designers and artists to publish the artwork they create.

All images created within PicsForDesign Prepaid Projects are the property of the company Pix Technologies, s.r.o. This means the company has the right to use the images in any other products, at their own discretion. The authors still have all the copyrights and can include the works in there portfolios with a link to However, they are not allowed to sell any of the artwork created within the project, as well as distribute, give as a gift, publish or use it in any other way.

How it works:

Every artist can suggest his or her own project. For that, you need to send project description (an approximate sketch is an asset) and price desired for an exclusive project to or fill out the artist feedback form.

If the moderator approves the project, you will receive an invite for registering with (used for downloading images and withdrawing funds). Once you register on the website using the invite, your project will be published among other prepaid projects announced here

When the project is on the list or prepaid projects, the discussion begins. Website visitors discuss the project for 24 hours (usually), after which the administrator activates the project for money to be gathered.

Every dollar invested is visible on the project page in real time.

Once the required amount is gathered, the artist sets the deadline and starts his or her work. People can still make their investments, and everyone willing to receive the image can add money to the project balance. The entire amount gathered during the project, less commission fee of the payment system, will be added to the artist's PicsForDesign account and available for withdrawal right after author fulfills his or her obligations.

The commission fee is 15% of the amount gathered and includes the expenses PicsForDesign has to cover when accepting payments and paying the artists.

When are the artist's obligations considered fulfilled?

It happens the moment the image is uploaded in PSD format through the special upload form in artist's account, provided that this image meets the requirements specified at the stage of discussing the project.

In case the artist fails to meet the deadline specified, the administration reserves the right to terminate the project and refund the participants for the entire money invested.

What happens with the image created within the prepaid project?

 1) The image becomes available for downloading in PicsForDesign accounts of those who took part in gathering money for the project. The image will not be publicly available online and its free distribution is prohibited

1) The image is uploaded to the exclusive catalogue of PicsForDesign and is available for free downloading to the Exclusive club members

2) The image can be used for other projects of Pix technologies s.r.o.

What can guarantee to artists

1) Convenient tools for project discussion, uploading images, receiving funds and withdrawing them

2) Transparent system of gathering money when every dollar invested can be seen on the project's page

3) Advertising support of the project and high level of traffic

4) Possibility to withdraw the money accumulated through payment system of a choice (PayPal, MoneyBookers, WebMoney, Wire Transfer or Epassporte)

5) Absolute security of your funds and availability of the entire amount gathered during the project, less PayPal commission fee for gathering funds and their withdrawal (15%).

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