I'd love to see a moon goddess dressed in whites, silver, grey. Maybe wrapped in some ribbon or nice gown with a glow around her.

With spring and summer, it just seems like it would be a nice change of pace to work with something like this.


I skimmed through the previous suggestions and did not see this one mentioned, so if it's been proposed before I apologize. I would LOOOVE to see a Charlie Chaplin tube. His "Tramp" character is one of the most recognizable and iconic figures in all of cinema and media history, and I think it would make not only for fantastic art in general, but for some amazing graphics and tags as well. There are a lot of kits it would pair will with, and kit designers would also be able to easily make kits to coordinate with it...vintage, old style elements mostly in black and white.


Gangster Girl with a gangster hat and pants with gallows Multi layers with differend close and collors.


I would love to see a tube of a Wolf standing or sitting behind a cute it is watching over it and/ or protecting it.....I love animals and these 2 are my favourites and would love to see a realistic tube of them together....Kind of goes along the whole line of no matter what we should all love and protect each other no matter what....


I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead...I would love to see more tubes from this show...Rick, Sasha, Carol, Carl, Beth...ETC. This would be so awesome, and I know there are others looking for these tubes as well.


I'd love to see the main characters from the show Grimm ~ mainly Monroe [Silas Weir Mitchell], Nick and some of the other Wesen :)


I would absolutely love to see a sexy tube of Adam Levine. Love him madly! *giggle*


I've always loved this character and would love to see a tube of her after she has 'decorated' herself


I don't know if this has been suggested or not but .. With the US premiere of season 4 tonight, made me think why not make some tubes with the main characters .


It would be great to have a tube dedicated to all Military Forces; The Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and National Guard. I would love to tag a set for each to show my gratitude for all they do for us civilians.


What a great tribute this would be to the late Peter Steele.


I would LOVE a pic of my boy Donnie Wahlberg in all is Swagger!! Were his iconic Boston Red Sox hat, Shirt unbutton showing those Delicious Abs!! I'm a HUGE Nkotb fan have been since 1989... I will love my New Kids !! I'm a BLOCKHEAD 4 Life!!

here is in his hat:

with his shirt unbutton showing abs:


I would love to see Tubes from Jared Leto. He is a great looking guy. With long or short hairs. Different Colours on Clothes.
And some Tubes from Supernatural would also be great. Dean who was made from Zebrush was fantastic. I do not like the Tubes from other Stores, with a terrible Six-Pack or half naked. Normal, like they look in the Series, that would be nice. Dean, Sam and Castiel....oh i love this guys. Different colors.


I´m in Love with this Men.
He is super Talented and also super Sexy.
I like him with his Mohawk (pink or blonde) ...
and a Trenchcoat.


I'd love to see some tubes reflecting the characters from the Hunger Games! Not even so much how they were portrayed in the movies, but taking the ideas from the books. I've only ever seen one tube so far and once the site closed that it was on, the tube disappeared. :(

I think they would make some really great tubes for a variety of tags! Thanks in advance, for your support.


I would like to see African American, Asian, Hispanic and Indian women as tubes.


We totally need a sexy Robert Downey, Jr. tube to work with!


June is the month for graduations and I haven't found one tube of a sexy girl with a diploma or cap & gown.


I'd like to see more tubes of girls of color. African American, classy and beautiful. There are way too many blond tubes. Also brunettes with brown eyes, most tend to have blue eyes.


I would like to see more Cowboys to pair up with the cowgirls. Something that looks like he's sitting on a fence or astride a horse, leaning back against a wall with his hat tipped down over his face. Layers so that you could have him in chaps, with a couple different colored hats, with a couple different colored shirts and dark jeans with boots, maybe a vest or fringe jacket. I just think the guys don't get enough representation... And I like making tags with couples...


I would love to see a pretty girl with a cup of coffee...she could be in a relaxed sitting position, standing casually or lounging. Warm colors would be great. Something to look forward to this fall. I love coffee and there are so few tubes available to make coffee related tags with. Thank you for your consideration :-)


I would love to see a 60's girl with a poodle and poodle skirt .
Long hair in a pony tail it would be just adorable and I am thinking for all us baby
boomers the memories would totally sell out and more!


I have yet to find a michael myers tube. He was like the best killer! It would be so awesome to finally have a decent non cartoonish MM tube


I would love a Joker that looks like Heath Ledger in the movie! He was too great at that movie to make it any other way! Think it would make fun tags to do cause of the stuff you could say on the tag! Hoping you like the idea?!

Scarlett O'Hara

I would love to see someone to make a Scarlett O'Hara tube. Maybe with her three best gowns; the summer picnic in the beginning (white dress, green flowers), the Green Dress she made from the drapes, and the red sexy gown she wore to Ashleys birthday party. I know you wouldn't be able to make her look like Scarlett OHara because of copyright laws and such, but just a girl with dark brown hair would suffice. I would love to see this and would even pitch in quite a bit of $$ to see this through!

Shelly D

I'd love to see more attitude and less girlie girl tubes.
Give the girl some balls for crying out loud.
Girls are strong and tough too!
She's sexy and everyone knows not give her a hard time
Have her flipping off a bird.
and give her a Marilyn Manson Eye
and not so neat clothes.
I'd love for an artist to step out of line and be a leader,not a follower of the lambs.
Give us a woman who has some Ballz!


The King Of Hell Crowley From Supernatural would be an awesome idea, We've had Dean & Sam loads of times, I have searched high n low n not been able to find a tube based on this awesome character for a new project I'm currently working on. I am A Dean Girl but I'm also a Crowley Girl as well just love everything about how Mark Sheppard portrays him. About time We had a gorgeous tube of him for any Goth projects to Maybe a normal layer & a red eye demon layer pleaseeeeeeeeeeee


Would love to see a SEXY COWBOY with chaps and cool cowboy hat, shirtless and shirt on separate layer. I hope one PFD artist would consider it. Thank you.


I think it would be amazing if someone could draw a dominant woman standing and holding onto a leash that is linked to a strong doberman. The doberman would be sitting proudly by his/her owner. The woman could be standing with attitude like she owns the world perhaps having her hair kind of looking like it's being wind blown. Maybe have her in dark latex clothing.


I would love it, if someone could come up with a Scare Crow. A beautiful woman dressed up as a cute scarecrow. Different colors of hair and clothing, please!


I would love to see a tube based on this picture of Kate Moss..

I like the idea of a pretty dress and a leather jacket with the union jack on it.. maybe some tough looking boots too.

Maybe a crown on her head on a seperate layer..


I am a big fan of Xena Warrior Princess for many years. It would be great to to have you design Xena and her best friend Gabrielle, maybe even do a few of the other shows characters too. I would love to see one of you great artists take on this idea and bring it to life.


Now that the "Originals" have their own spin off from The Vampire Diaries, I would absolutely LOVE to see a Klaus tube. I think he is the epitome of sexy and would make for an amazing tube. I would love to see something similar to this here-

Because those of us that watch the show, know that brooding is what he does best! LOL

I would also love to see Rebecca or Elijah as well :)


A sexy girl with a wonderful dress and a cape with a white fur and some extras ♥♥


I'd like to see a girl bundled up for a cold winter race with her husky from her sled team.

ellas nannie

Was wondering if perhaps some of the tubes that were not finished could be brought back. Cannot believe they did not sell.
Perhaps at a little lower price for some.
They are excellent. Well just a thought. :-)


Sophisticated but sexy ladies with the Gatsby look with hats, gloves and parasols. The Cloche hat is ideal. Would be nice to see some tubes of this sort.

Seductive Evy

Tube of pretty red headed (variety) chunky women.
Every where there is mostly tubes of skinny girls..
What about the average person that has some meat on their bones.. The type of chick that isn't scared of eating..
I love <3 Love to see pretty thick girls with curves in all the right places. Sexy Clothes Red, Black, Purple and some sexy high heels.. Diversity of skin types.


I have a little crush on Josh Hutcherson. Especially as Peeta Melark in the hunger games! He was such a cute kid and now he's a hottie! I would love a tube of him as Peeta and maybe one with Peeta and Katniss.


Obviously not together. They all were outstanding in their time and deserve some PSP recognition IMHO.

All woman have and or had very distinctive style and look and I would just really love to see them *one or all* in the spotlight again.



I've watched this boy turn into a real man and I'd love to see something in that direction. Anyone planning on creating a special of him?

Lady M

I love the HBO Series True Blood and the Characters are amazing, Deborah Ann Woll plays Jessica Hamby on the show and is Beautiful, maybe make her with fangs and the blood drip on different layer, with or without


oh wow who in their right mind did not like the Avengers mainly Hawkeye, and Bourne Legacy's Arron Cross and Hurt Locker oh yummy Jeremy Renner would make a fantastic tube to mag a tag with.

Gone With the Wind

I would love to see a Scarlet O'Hara tube! Maybe have her different costumes in different layers. Like her party gown, her Green gown she wore to visit Rhett in jail, and her sexy red gown she wore to Ashleys birthday party. OMG I'd totally love to see this done by Alex Prihodko, or Stan Dudin, Maria Fiodorova or Alehandra Vahnek. I would totally search & advertise to get the money to make this tube. Just name your price!


As a tagger, sometimes the members of our groups ask for certain tubes or tag themes and I try to accomodate whenever possible. Recently, I have had several requests and I know a few other taggers have had requests for tubes of Interracial couples, and additional tubes of couples in general. I recently was asked to design something for a member and I and 30 other taggers searched the internet high and low for the necessary tubes and only one could be found ... the request was for a male and female mermaid couple.


Well it would be nice to see one with a cupid's arrow maybe in the rear.. like yikes I got hit by cupid. or even a movable arrow in case you need in the leg or other area.


Would love to see a MATT DALLAS tube. I know it's a long shot but sure would love to see one with those beautiful blue eyes and awesome smile! I would like to see a tube of how he looded 5 years ago! LOL pretty please!


I would love to see a sensuous lady dressed for winter snow! The colors of a glacier - so blues, lavenders, soft greens & whites etc.. With red hair :) Or maybe different hair colors streak with whites! And on a separate layer an adorable penguin or a snow tiger! Thank you!! I can't wait to see what you come up with!!


Everyone has to love Channing Tatum Magic Mike new movie coming out I think in May, he is a hunk