For participants

Prepaid projects service allows getting exclusive works of artists and designers with a significant discount.

You can take part in the discussion, choose the projects you like, invest at least 1 dollar and become a proud owner or exclusive images from various artists.

How is using prepaid projects service different from buying pictures from stocks and getting commission tubes on tagger's forums?

1) We have a real-time counter of the money gathered, and you can be sure your investment has been taken into consideration

2) You can view the payments history real time in your PFD account, which guarantees the data is secure. You will never get in a situation when you took part in a project and did not get the pictures because of some drama or any other reason

3) You know exactly what you are going to get and when, because the project comes with a detailed description and the deadline is set

4) You won't need to worry about where and how you are going to get the picture you chipped in for. The picture will be added to your PFD account automatically right when it's finished, and you will be notified of that by e-mail

5) If anything goes wrong (the artist disappeared, not enough money was gathered for the project) you get fully refunded within a very short period, without any commission fees imposed. You can spend that money on any other project or buy new tubes from

6) There will never be any confusion about the picture copyrights. When working on projects within this service, all artists agree to pass the exclusive rights for using the images to PicsForDesign. Therefore, you can be sure of the fact you are getting that picture legally and can use it in your tags indicating the artist's copyrights of PFD exclusive club copyrights

7) You can never lose your pictures. All the pictures added to your account will be available for downloading an unlimited number of times

8) If you invest more money then the minimal amount, you can legally give this picture as a gift to your friend or friends using a special convenient web interface.
For example, you invested $10 (the minimal amount is $1). As soon as the picture is ready, you will see it in your account and will have a chance to give it as a gift 9 times. Your friends have to be registered members of to get the gift

9) You can even suggest your own ideas and request pictures just for yourself or a closed circle of friends. You just need to post your message and specify how much you can offer. Each of the artists can offer his or her services in response to your request

10) If you are an owner of a forum, you have a unique opportunity to get exclusive commission tubes for your forum! If you want to give out some picture to members of your forum, you can just invest the required amount of money, getting access to a convenient web interface that allows giving gifts to your forum members (must also be registered PFD members) any moment you like.