merry christmas

CANCELED 1 December 2013 #561 Kajenna 100$ 1

Alice in smart dress near Christmas tree. The garland On the Christmas tree. Nearby stands a rabbit with a pipe in his hand.
All elements on separate layers. In another separate layer are Santa`s hats.
Watch out for updating sketch. There will be a color sketch and color options soon.

CANCELED 24 November 2013 #558 Alehandra_Vanhek 300$ 6

Feel free to comment!

CANCELED 4 November 2013 #552 disco_science 170$ 0

Only for true connoisseurs of Gothic and Horror genre.
You will understand.

CANCELED 3 November 2013 #551 Minuscule 300$ 9

Moon Princess

CANCELED 14 August 2013 #510 Angelica_pinup 150$ 5

Coffee aroma...
Beautiful afroamerican woman...
Like your comments!

CANCELED 10 August 2013 #507 rivusdea 200$ 24

Free, seductive and mysterious girl in a beautiful flowing dress.
What do you think about colors? I'm thinking of pastel pink dress, and another version of a dress in neon yellow. Maybe a floral pattern too?

CANCELED 9 August 2013 #506 sumeragisama 200$ 7

Many bright colors!

CANCELED 4 July 2013 #489 LadyMishka 50$ 6

Hair: light blond and pink Clothing: shades of purple

CANCELED 14 May 2013 #449 LadyMishka 125$ 10


Angela - for all those into the Beauty of the Dark. 
I dedicate it to the gorgeous representatives of the Gothic world. 
Here comes the first illustration from the series "Gothic Magic" for "Book of Shadow".
CANCELED 22 March 2013 #427 LadyMishka 235$ 8

Description: a sweet cutie for St. Valentine's Day. Which colors would you like to see? I can make a few color variations. Right now I see her as a blonde with pink highlights, wearing a cherry latex dress with hearts and white stockings. 
Hope you love my idea and can use the character to come up with many beautiful tags!
CANCELED 23 January 2013 #400 Wasabi 235$ 8

Let me introduce my new illustration Santa in Africa. Not only is it a fine character to work with, but also a neat storyline. 
Project particulates get a PSD file with Santa wearing a safari costume, on transparent background + a 1900X1080 JPG illustration dedicated to the same topic. 
I  am planning to do an entire collection of these illustrations, with
Santa  traveling different countries. Will be happy to hear your ideas
and suggestions for other countries.
CANCELED 9 December 2012 #391 rzhevskii 300$ 5
Xmas Emo
I  hope you like my version of Emo Xmas and you will feel like sharing
your welcoming roof with my little pussy cat Luly.
I will be glad to hear your ideas for the colors.
You can paste links with palettes you'd prefer too.
I will try my best to make your wishes come true =^_^=
CANCELED 29 November 2012 #388 LadyMishka 120$ 2


I'm back with new sketch! Her name is Lasouritte. She 
needs some love and is ready to give plenty of love back! 
CANCELED 3 August 2012 #335 sumeragisama 200$ 2

Another long-haired beauty for you! As usual, there will be a few color variations for clothes and hair on separate layers. Please feel free to suggest the color variations you would like.

CANCELED 15 June 2012 #311 DiMary 275$ 12