Here I'd like to draw Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What do you think he should be like? I want to make sure he's cool enough, yet you can tell he's a villain. Tell me what you think!


COMPLETED 2 September 2011 #98 Marek 100$ 27

Sexy princess

I'd like to bring to your attention this sweet 'n' sexy princess. Of course, she is a blond with huge blue eyes and intense makeup. She is dressed as a candy: pink with black lacy details. Looking forward to your comments and ideas!


COMPLETED 2 September 2011 #97 DiMary 170$ 14

Afro american 70

African american girl in 70's style.


COMPLETED 2 September 2011 #96 Aivelin 100$ 12

John Christopher «Johnny» Depp

I've always wanted to paint Johnny) and I hope for you it will be wonderful present


COMPLETED 26 August 2011 #87 Zlata_M 170$ 12


Hello my friends. This is my new sketch for You. Hope You enjoy.


COMPLETED 23 August 2011 #81 OrkusArt 100$ 11


from Zebrush

Hi everyone! Decided to draw this cute fun girl with tons of accessories and in bright warm colors. It could be purple, yellow, orange, lettuce green… What do you think? Any ideas about the hair color?


COMPLETED 23 August 2011 #80 zebrush 120$ 14

Domina with Doberman

Hello everyone! I am new here, so I really hope you like my artwork. This is the first one right here! I'd like a chance to thank PicsForDesign for his unique opportunity, because I think this project rocks! I noticed many of those writing their comments like dogs, and so do I! I suggest a woman with a Doberman, and the sketch is already available. I will be very glad to hear your opinion on the color! Please feel free to join my project, the more the merrier!


COMPLETED 18 August 2011 #75 Marek 80$ 7

Hot as the summer itself!

Hot as the summer itself! Smoking body revealed under white cotton top when she gets wet... accidentally or on purpose… Her shapes are mind-blowing, and she seems to have quite a story to tell! A true spirit of this summer is waiting for your attention, and she deserves it! 

Hugs, Alehandra Vanhek

COMPLETED 15 August 2011 #74 Alehandra_Vanhek 80$ 1


Welcome a goth bride! This lady has a wedding to plan, and she is ready for it! I already drew a sketch, and you see there are many nice accessories and details. I decided to make her facial expression that way because she is still doubting whether or not to make this responsible decision. So, I was going for a stylish modern goth bride here, and I will be grateful to hear what you think and how you would like me to proceed.

Hugs, DiMary

COMPLETED 13 August 2011 #70 DiMary 150$ 22

Emoticat Purple

Hello my dear! I have a new sketch for you! It's a female emo-cat with all the emo colors, very cute and glamorous. She will be holding a cute little pink mouse in her paws. Just join my project!
 Love, Alexandra

COMPLETED 12 August 2011 #65 Sandlady 50$ 12

Three stylish cats

Hello everyone! My name is Alexandra and I am from Saint Petersburg. I love drawing animals from a new angle, just the way I see them – in a creative and cute way. I would like to offer a picture of a stylish emoticat. We can start with just one this time, but I have more ideas for other cats too! These cats can help you express your emotions, because they are emoticats. You can suggest your variants, how you want them to be. I am thinking, the cat within this project is in emo style, and in future I could make other ones goth style, and maybe even a pirate cat. What do you think?

COMPLETED 10 August 2011 #60 Sandlady 50$ 7

Alcide Herveaux

I am planning to give you all ladies and gents one of the sexiest males and series characters alive – Alcide Herveaux. He has been introduced only recently, but already won many hearts due to his smoldering masculinity and bravery. He's wearing jeans and I think that would be just enough. His eyes are very expressive, his lips are ready to smile, and surely he's very tan. Also, I thought it would be nice to put a chain around his neck, with a fang pendent.

COMPLETED 10 August 2011 #59 rzhevskii 150$ 17


What would you say about Dean Winchester, one of the brothers from "Supernatural"? Anyone interested in a picture of him? I think I'd like to draw this brother because he has more personality. Don’t get me wrong, Sam is gorgeous too, but he's the good boy of the two, and I feel like something naughty. So he's wearing jeans and some pullover, plus that black trench coat, and I think his hands should be in the pockets, because it gives him that mysterious look. He's looking right at you, right into your soul… Probably wondering if you have one or he'll have to fight to get it back… again :)

COMPLETED 4 August 2011 #55 zebrush 120$ 11